Opening Day in LA

I’m in LA for a few days. First time, as far as I can recall, that I won’t be in NY for Opening Day. Which means the Mets opener at Citi Field tomorrow will start at 10:00 am PT.  Just as well that I’m out here and likely won’t see an inning of the game.  I’m not feeling too optimistic about the Mets (for reasons you can probably guess), so I’m not filled with the usual giddiness and false hope that greets me this time of year. I am anxious, nonetheless, to catch a game this month at Citi Field. I’m curious to see how the Mets have apparently incorporated more of  the team’s tradition and history into the ballpark. That was my one knock on the place last year. It felt more about the Brooklyn Dodgers than the Queens Mets. And of course, I need to get my fix of Shake Shack burgers. I had  an excellent burger yesterday at a  place in the Roosevelt Hotel — Twenty-Five Degrees. Renowned for its burgers,  and justifiably so. But not quite on the level of the Shack.  But as a I devoured  this turkey burger with avovado and roasted tomato, I thought to myself: I haven’t had a good burger in awhile. I need another. Real  soon. Must get to Citi Field. Order Shack burger and milkshake.

That is how my mind is working with baseball season about to begin. Hanging out in LA, 2800 miles from my team, thinking more about the food than the game.  I really hope that changes by June.

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