Let’s Play Two — For the Price of One

Let’s play two. Like, seriously.

Single admission doubleheaders are about as common as knuckleballers these days. Which makes today’s Mets-Dodgers twinbill at Citi Field so refreshing and nostalgic. After last night’s game was washed out, I figured the Mets would try to reschedule the game later in the season during a planned off day (no easy task when a West Coast team is involved)  or give us one of those day night double admission doubleheaders — which are not really doubeheaders at all.

Revenue being what it is these days — for some reason it did not seem as valuable 10, 20 years ago (maybe, just maybe because there were no $125 million contracts, thank you Ryan Howard, or massive debt service on new stadiums), the regularly scheduled twin-bill has long been extinct. Even make-up doubleheaders are rarely single admission. In fact, rains-outs are few and far between (there was one all season through Sunday), as evidenced by the 20,000 fans disguised as empty seats who showed up for Sunday night’s Mets-Braves game. Let it rain, let it pour. The umps don’t seem to notice anymore. It won’t be long before baseball starts hiring ducks to call balls and strikes (actually, that would be  a great deal for AFLAC).

So kudos to the Mets for going retro and scheduling a true twinbill starting at 4:00 today. To make things even more retro, Dodgers’ knuckleballer Charlie Haeger will be on the hill in the nightcap.

If only Ernie Banks were there to throw out the first pitch.

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