I Know it’s Early, But. . .

With the first month of the regular season coming to a close, I thought I would do a little pontificating and a little conclusion jumping.

  • There’s a lot of mediocrity out there. Some might call it parity, but as long as the Yankees are the Yankees, it’s hard to make  a case for parity. As of today, 18 teams are at .500 or below. That’s mediocrity. At best.
  • Jason Heyward is scary good. What’s he going to be like when he’s 24? Braves fans must be salivating — even if they are in last place right now.
  • Tim Lincicum is already looking like a third straight Cy Young. Where does he get his power? Is it the hair? 
  • The Red Sox could get boxed out in the AL East. Tampa’s pitching is lights out and the Yankees are not going away. Do the math.
  • The Nationals would be smart to get Stephen Strasburg’s cannon-for-an-arm up to the majors ASAP.  

    Stephen Strasburg

  • It’s impossible not to like Joe Mauer. I’d be surprised if he’s not a Twin for life.
  • With the Dodgers and Cubs off to slow starts, could we be looking at swan songs for Joe Torre and Lou Piniella?
  • The Mets are in first place as of this writing. Very surprising, even this early in the season. But I can’t even guess where they’ll be a month from now. Could be a very different story.
  • Every time I see Bobby Valentine on ESPN, he has the look of a man who wants to be wearing a uniform and not a  suit. I think we may see that before the summer gets too long. Baltimore, maybe?
  • We should start hearing some rumblings from Pedro Martinez in about a month. By July 1, he’ll be back in uniform. Where? I can’t even fathom. 
  • A month from now, I’ll be eating my words. As well as a Shack Burger and custard shake at Citi Field.

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