At First Base, Ike Springsteen



The first thing that struck me about Mets rookie first baseman Ike Davis when he was called up to the majors last month was


not his sweet swing or nifty glovework. It was his uncanny resemblance to  a young Bruce Springsteen.   

Now, some celebrity lookalikes (although Ike is a celebrity in his own right, so what do you call one celebrity who looks like another celebrity? A celebrity twin?) only resemble the real deal when shot from a certain angle or compared to the celebrity at  a certain age. Ike seems to have all the angles covered with Bruce and I don’t think the age makes a huge difference. But Ike most resembles the early-to-mid-80’s Bruce (“The River, “Born in the USA”), although Bruce was in his 30’s then (Ike is 23).   I would love to see Ike do the head-band thing that Bruce had going for awhile. It would bring some added style to Citi Field.

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