Going Gaga over the Mets

Lady Gaga showed up at Citi Field yesterday afternoon for the first game of the Mets-Padres day-night doubleheader. I doubt that she even knows what a day-night doubleheader is. I’m not even sure she knew she was at  a Mets game. I would kind of expect her to show up at Yankee Stadium, spend a few innings in those super expensive and often empty seats behind home and blow kisses at A-Rod. Maybe we’ll see her next weekend when the Yankees host the Mets in the Bronx.     

Or maybe, just maybe, the Mets’ success at Citi Field has caught her attention. Maybe she’s even taken a liking to Ike Davis. Regardless, Lady Gaga shows up in full diva mode — metal spiked bra, leather jacket open to reveal lots of belly flesh, some kind of weird leg coverings, oversized sunglasses — the whole Lady Gaga thing. She pouts about her seats — I don’t know why since they were about ten feet from the batters box. You can even order Shake Shack from those seats! —  and is conspicuously escorted to a luxury suite. The crowd takes notice (how could it not??) and showers her with a Flushing cheer — which, by the way,  is hardly a show of affection. She reciprocates by flipping the bird, although it may have been at  a photog and not the fans.  If it was the fans, they should have been like, “Wow, Lady Gaga gave me the finger at a Mets game. Very cool.” 

I’m not sure we’ll Lady Gaga back at Citi Field this season, but perhaps her appearance is a hopeful sign that the Mets are starting to steal a little of the Yankees gravitational pull from the New York galaxy. I was at  a Mets game a few weeks ago and saw Stanley Tucci in the crowd. Good actor. Seems like  a nice guy. But his presence did not  signal to the world that the Mets are hot again with celebs other than Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart.   Lady Gaga may not know A-Rod from K-Rod, but she’s a trendsetter (not for me, of course, but for a lot of  hip, young milennial types out there) the jolt she sent through Citi Field and in the tabloids yesterday may be sign that the Magic is Back in Flushing. Who knows? Maybe, Snooki from Jersey Shore will show up at the next homestand.

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