Pardon Me While I Vent

Thanks, K-Rod.


Top of the tenth, Ike Davis, the only Mets hitter who showed up after the All-Star break, doubles in the go-ahead run. Bottom of the tenth, Jerry Manuel amazingly allows K-Rod to take the mound! I would have given him a one-way ticket to Buffalo where he could join that other $12 million a year bust, Ollie Perez.  K-Rod gets the first two batters but of course can’t put it away. It is virtually impossible for K-Rod to retire an inning 1-2-3.  Renteria doubles, intentional walk to the next guy, then he gets Whiteside for the third out. Guess what? K-Rod gets the win. Santana? A no-decision. 

I should be happy the Mets won, right? But I’m not. They lucked out on a missed call by the ump and Santana is deprived of  yet another well-earned win. K-Rod gets the W? Are you kidding?  

Change the rules. If a reliever blows a save and stays in the game (which can only really happen when Jerry Manuel is managing) he is not eligible to earn the win. I don’t care who you  give it to. Anyone but the guy who failed to earn his bloated salary. 

There, that feels better.

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