Show Me the Moneyball

I gotta admit, I’m a bit perturbed. Last month, I threw my hat in the ring for the Mets’ GM position. Predictably, they ignored me and hired  a guy with 30 years experience, a World Series ring, and a pretty nice gig at MLB headquarters. That would be Sandy Alderson. Nice pick, can’t complain. Harvard man, pretty much invented Moneyball. Although I’m not too happy he let Hisanori Takahashi split for free agency while Ollie Perez is still gainfully employed. I’m scratching my head over that one. But I’ll hold off further judgment until I see who Alderson and his crew hire as manager. I’m not quite sure why they’ve lined enough candidates to fill the upper deck at Citi Field. And what’s with  interviewing Don Wakamatsu, are you kidding me?

 Sorry, there I go again. I just can’t help myself. 

Okay, so the head job is taken but now maybe Alderson would realize my value as a talent evaluator and tab me as a special assistant.  I mean, I knew the Nolan Ryan trade would not work out and that they overpaid for Mo Vaughn.  J>J. Putz? I could have told you he’d turn out to be a putz.  But no. He goes out and hires J.P. Ricciardi and then Paul DePodesta, two of his former lieutenants in Oakland. Very solid baseball men, Moneyball guys. Good hires.  Although I read in today’s New York Daily News a quote by DePodesta to Andy Martino, where he states that the Mets are building a “Moneyball team with money.”  Come again? I thought the whole point of Moneyball was that you did it without money.  It’s kind of an oxymoron. Maybe he didn’t read Moneyball.   Or he doesn’t know about the Bernie Madoff thing.

All aside, I do understand that in addition to lacking the creds of Ricciardi and DePodesta, I would also add to a ballooning front office payroll. I would not come cheap, mind you. Also on the payroll is John Ricco, the Mets’ highly regarded assistant GM, who served under Omar Minaya. I keep reading about how Ricco is a GM-in-waiting and will be  a loud voice on the Mets personnel team. He better have some set of lungs and quite  a pair of cojones because he’ll have to howl at the moon to be noticed. You have Alderson and two former GM buddies of his running the show. Good luck being heard above the din, Mr. Ricco. 

But I do like the front office braintrust Alderson is building. You can’t have enough smarts when reshaping a team, unless of course all the smart guys don’t get along . . . anymore.  It has been awhile since the three of them  worked together.  And I would guess that DePodesta and Ricciardi would like to be GM’s again some day.  I would also guess the Mets are adding  a few new urinals in the executive washroom  because it will get very crowded in there real soon.

As for me, I’ll just go on being  a devoted and often frustrated fan, rebuilding the team in my head, my dreams, my fantasies, my nightmares. The pay is lousy but I answer to nobody but myself.

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