Pop Goes the A-Rod

Photo: E!online

This is why I love writing about A-Rod. The guy is a bottomless well of material. Even in the off-season. During the Super Bowl, the Fox cameras caught the Yankees slugger sitting in a luxury suite being hand-fed popcorn like  a sultan by his  lady friend, Cameron Diaz.  He looked very content, as always. Got my suite,  got my Super Bowl, got my Hollywood starlet, got my popcorn. A hundred million or so guys are wishing they’re me. What’s to complain about? Life is good.

But wait a minute. The normally camera-craving A-Rod — this is a guy who once “accidently” stumbled upon MTV’s live cameras in Times Square on New Year’s Eve while out for  a stroll with his (former) wife  — supposedly was not pleased with Fox eavesdropping on he and C-Diaz, accordingly to an article in the Chicago Sun-Times.   He reportedly went A-Bomb and let the folks at Fox know it. No more popcorn shots the rest of the evening.

Well, Alex, let give you a piece of advice. If you want your privacy — and we are all entitled to such every once in awhile, even superstar third basemen for the Yankees — this is what you should NOT do:  sit in a luxury box at the Super Bowl with Cameron Diaz while she soft tosses popcorn into your mouth. Things like that get noticed. Kind of like sunbathing in Central Park shirtless.

I watched the Super Bowl in my apartment in Queens. There were no Hollywood starlets there.  Or popcorn.  And guess what? There were no network cameras peeping through my windows.  That’s how you get some privacy. Maybe you should try it sometime.

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