Reyes Hysteria

With every triple, stolen base, run scored, and bare-handed grab that Jose Reyes makes, his chorus of supporters, fans and media alike, get louder and louder: “Don’t trade Reyes!”

Fine, don’t trade him. But as I mentioned in my last post, the Mets will not be able to afford him after this season. Unless, of course, they devise some creative plan to finance the expected $120 million contract he will command in the free agent market. And that would be quite a plan, as Reyes would have to get in line behind the Madoff trustee as well as the Mets lenders, who are probably not a patient bunch these days.

I don’t want to see Reyes go as much as the next guy. He alone is worth the price of admission (except, of course, those really expensive seats behind home plate. No one player can get me to pony up that much for a seat).  But I have to come to grips with the fact that the Mets future is probably best served if he’s traded between now and the end of July. That assumes, of course, that Sandy Alderson can secure maximum value in return. Transation: better players/prospects than the two compensatory draft picks they’ll get if they lose Rayees to free agency. But this is exactly what we expect from Alderson, right?  

The other day, I listened in amusement as Bob Ojeda conversed with Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts on WFAN about the Mets hopes for a wild card.  Ojeda, aided and abetted by the co-hosts, came up with some dubious reasoning about how the Mets can get to 88 wins — which he feels will translate to a Wild Card. Pretty iffy, if you ask me. I think Ojeda just could not get himself to say the Mets can or must get to 90 wins. But they all seemed giddy about this 88-win scenario, as I’m sure were thousands of their listeners. All it takes is for Reyes to keep playing out of his mind, getting David Wright and Ike Davis back, which in turn will mean a stronger bench led by current fill-ins Justin Turner and Daniel Murphy. . . yada, yada, yada.

Hey, I’d like to be optimistic too, but even a best case scenario tells me the Mets are not going to finish much better than .500. After today’s loss to the Angels, they’re back at two-below .500 and seem to  break out in hives every time they reach the even mark. But if you really think they can make a run at October with Reyes in full throttle, then okay, keep him here for now.

But then what happens in the off-season? There will be a frenzy for his services. All you need is two serious bidders to create a frenzy and drive up the price. You think the Mets will have the stomach (or checkbook) for that?

Reyes can talk all he wants about wanting to remain in New York and how much he loves it here.  They all say that in their walk year. Even if they play in Pittsburgh. It gives you more leverage.  But Reyes won’t be giving the Wilpons a discount on his services. He’s going where the Carl Crawford money is.

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