Choke Street Blues

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It’s the day after the Red Sox and Braves pulled off an unprecedented down-to-the-wire double choke job, and I bet there are a lot of Mets fans like me thinking, welcome to the club.

Misery loves company.

Of course, the epic collapse of the two presumed wildcard entries won’t make the Mets hideous and historic 2007 meltdown go away. The pain and suffering is still being felt. But what the Sox and Braves “accomplished” over the past four weeks was such  a bloody train wreck that it will surely lighten the Mets burden in the annals of history when the subject of all-time blown leads is raised. True, the Amazins did something unique among gaggers — squandering a seven game cushion in their last 17 games. But the Sox blew the largest ever September lead (9 games) and the way they crashed and burned in tandem with the Braves was so spectacular (and pretty cool, actually) that it gives the 2007 Mets some cover. 

I do feel your pain Red Sox and Braves fans. I do not, however, feel sorry for you. My sorrow is reserved for me and my fellow Mets fans — we need to horde it in large supply. No doubt, Sox fans are no doubt taking this much harder than Braves fans. After shedding the Curse of the Bambino and going toe-to-toe with Yankess for the past decade,  Red Sox Nation figured their days as loveable choke artists were over. Not so fast. Now they’re probably wondering if the magic of 2004 and 2007 will ever return. What if they’re sentenced to another 80-plus years of hell?  You just know they are all thinking that the Yankees intentionally laid down for the Jays once the score reached 7-0 last night. It was one more cruel albeit very original nasty trick that the Bombers had up their pinstriped sleeves. And Evan Longoria will become a Bucky Dent like figure in New England, even though his game winning homer beat the Sox only indirectly. But it doesn’t matter. He will always be Evan “F–king” Longoria in and around Fenway. 

As for the Braves, they are quite accustomed to post-season failure, but regular season choke jobs are something new. So this may be  take quite some time for their fans to digest. Maybe a day or two.

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