Banner Headlines

Last week, the Mets announced they were bringing back Banner Day, a fan favorite at Shea Stadium for decades before the annual parade of bed sheets faded away, just like so many Mets pennant dreams. 

With the Mets celebrating their 50th anniversary next season, it seems appropriate to resuscitate one of the team’s great traditions. Appropriate, but risky. Do the Mets really want their fans to publicly bare their souls, considering how painful the last five years have been? Then again, just do a search on Twitter for #Mets and you’ll see that the Flushing Faithful is hardly shy about spilling its guts.

Regardless, Banner Day at Citi (which does not have the same ring as Banner Day at Shea) should be interesting, if not downright hilarious. Here are some banner headlines you may see paraded across the field next summer:

Our fences are lower. Our payroll is lower. Who’s lower than us?

David Wright, will you marry me? And can you maybe hit a few more homers while you’re at it?

Bring Back Jose!

Mike Pelfrey: Finger Lickin’ Good!

50 years and all we’ve got is two measly championships!

Hey Jason, the outfield wall is THIS way!

We may not have  a bullpen, but at least we have Shake Shack!

Just think: if I only had $20 million, I could be  a limited, powerless shareholder in the Mets and help them service their enormous debt! 

Just think: if I only had $20 million, I could pay Johan Santana’s salary for this season, even if he doesn’t pitch an inning!

Who Madoff with our team?  

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